How Does Remote Online Notarization Work?

Remote Online Notarization

Notarization is an integral part of valid documentation. In court processes and financial transactions where legally binding clauses can be invoked are recommended and sometimes need to comply with proper notarization.

In the case of property papers and land records, notarization is the medium for public scrutiny and is held as an instrument that can be examined after authorized personnel’s permission is sought. 

With changing times laws and procedures underwent a sublime change to make things easy for everyone concerned when one needs to notarize documents through a facility known as remote online notarization or RON.

It enables notarization without physically visiting the office of the personnel involved through a virtual route. This not only saves time in the first instance but is a go-to medium even when there are errors that need correction.

Often there are mistakes when a deed is made because of insufficiency of information provided initially by the parties involved or for various other reasons. 

Documents like title and trust deeds, mortgage paperwork, wills, lien documents, and power of attorney are some common notarized papers. Understandably these documents are of significant importance in the sense of ownership and liabilities.

Any error in the documents can create gaps. Sometimes these mistakes can even make the entire paperwork null and void. This is the reason it is necessary to get the notary done from a reliable source whose work has been reviewed in the past.

Remote Online Notarization

If one can choose the facility of RON then the ease of process makes the task feel like a breeze. This is one of the strategic ways of reducing errors and risks associated with them. 

Possible Errors In Notarized Documents

It is wise to dig deeper into potential errors that can create duplicate tasks for everyone involved. Most documents are related to big financial transactions and will be in safekeeping for a long time.

For instance, when you are all set to buy your first house, it is an emotional asset apart from being attached to a financial liability associated with its mortgage. Any minor mistake in the notarization can spook you for a while, as it costs money to close a deal. Here are some common mistakes to watch out for:

  • Information Mismatch

It is easy to get names and addresses wrong if the spellings are long or new to the one who is typing them. These mistakes are known as errors of omission and commission. 

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  • Incomplete Information

Any details of the document that are not complete and all checkboxes have not been ticked green, create a problem. Things that usually go missing are fine details like expiry date, notary seal, a signature of one of the parties or witnesses involved.

Such mishaps will invalidate the whole effort of notarization and duplicate the task. Needless to say, it is a waste of time and money when trying to rectify this mistake in the future. 

  • Tampered Notarized Docs

Physical documents have to be preserved carefully to be accepted in the course of future transactions. Tampered, mutilated, and torn notarized documents are unacceptable, and any attempt to submit such documents is often penalized in some cases. 

Remote online notarization carries the benefit of finishing the scrutiny online multiple times before taking a print of the document. It is like a one-stop solution with various other benefits. 

When the notary public and parties involved are interacting remotely and using virtual mediums to see and speak with each other, they are using the facility of remote online notarization. Applications like electronic signature, online identity verification, and data storage systems are used to journal the process.

A RON that adheres to all the clauses is legally binding and can be used in every use case. As a bonus there it comes without any inefficiencies. Here are the advantages of using RON:

Easy & Comfortable To Use

There are many instances when we delay important tasks like notarizing documents like wills, gift deeds, and estate handovers only because we are not able to fit a trip to the local notary public office from our busy schedule.

Some individuals are immobile for any reason like geographical location, physical inability, or other health reasons.

These people will find RON to be a blessing enabling them to complete their notarization work from the ease of their homes and offices. A senior citizen or pregnant lady need not grapple with a tough commute to get their documents in steadfast condition. 

No Data Theft

Documents carry sensitive information like individuals’ names, addresses, IDs, tax and bank details. RON platforms are secure with enhanced encryption that makes it a safe avenue without worrying about data theft which can raise concerns for fraud and misuse. 

Saves Money & Great For Planet

Anything that eliminates paper and commuting will automatically reduce the use of resources and prove to be a cost-effective solution. In this case, it is a double benefit where the minimum or no use of resources such as paper and travel can translate to ecological benefits.

We need to remember that our planet has no Plan B. We have to ensure that every work that we carry out reduces our carbon emissions and if possible gives back to nature. 

Faster Turnarounds

Now closing your mortgage, transferring the property to your grandchildren’s trust, submitting your details for visa applications and all the scores of jobs that need notarized documents can be finished within a few minutes with the advantage of RON.

The entire process can take a few minutes and the result is delivered right away. With advanced features to cross-verify the documents and added enhancements to look and speak with each other through video calls, RON is a preferred tool for many people. 

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Technology does not displace people out of jobs and the fear of embracing one with the guilt that you may be taking out someone’s income should be overcome with the positive benefits that one needs to observe.

RON is one such data-safe platform that will accomplish more and give the notary public enough time to cross-check and explain things to their clients for better grasp and comprehension.  

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