5 Smart Tips to Build The Perfect Backyard Shed

Perfect Backyard Shed

Your DIY senses must be tingling with excitement trying to find the best steps to building the perfect backyard shed for your new home. A possible haven for storage, organization or hobbies, or whatever other reason you want a shed, crafting out such space would become a valuable asset to your home.

Perfect Backyard Shed

And while the process may be daunting (especially if you’ve never done this before, and have zero idea), this article will point out the right smart tips you’ll need to help you navigate the twists and turns of shed building to build a functional and beautiful shed.

Tip #1: Choose the Right Location

Just like a business, location is everything with building a shed. Your shed needs to be easily accessible, but not so prominent that it takes attention away from your outdoor space. Certain factors to consider when picking the location for your shed include:

  • Sunlight: You need your shed to receive partial shade, not too dark, not too much either. And especially if you’ll be storing light-sensitive items. 
  • Drainage: Steer clear of low-lying areas to avoid water collecting, and possibly leading to foundation issues.
  • Accessibility: you don’t want your shed far away from a path because that would be isolated. Instead, position it near a walkway so it’s easy to move items in and out.

Other factors to consider include visibility and utilities if you plan to install electricity or water.

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Tip #2: Determine Your Shed’s Purpose

It’s normal to have an idea of what you want to do with a building before you lay the first stone. It’s perhaps the most important step of this process because what you intend to use this shed for determines almost everything about it (except the basics obviously). 

If you don’t already, reflect on what you want to achieve with your shed. What will be stored within? what will be happening within its walls? Answering these questions will help you 

-pick the necessary size and complementary features
-decide what materials and finishes would work
– and optimize the layout for your needs

After you’ve decided your new shed’s purpose, you can set about creating a functional and enjoyable space that will enhance that experience, whether you’re building a deluxe cabin shed for a cozy retreat or a simple storage shed.

Tip #3: Prepare the Site and Foundation

Now that you’ve decided what your shed will be for, and have chosen the perfect shed size and style, the next thing you need to do is prepare the foundation. You can ensure a solid foundation by preparing the site and laying a sturdy base. Steps you can follow are:

  • Clear the land by removing debris, vegetation and obstructions from the area.
  • Create a flat and level surface to ensure the ground is even and compact. A level or shovel should do the job.
  • Like before, ensure the area won’t collect water that could lead to foundational issues.
  • Choose the right foundation from the array of options: concrete slabs, gravel bases, wooden platforms etc.
  • And finally, lay the foundation.

Tip #4: Select High-Quality Materials

It’d be a shame to get the right spot and the right foundation, just to use materials with terrible quality. So, it should go without saying that you must use high-quality materials for your shed. The materials you pick will have a significant impact on your shed’s durability, appearance, and maintenance requirements.

For lumber, pick pressure-treated, rot-resistant woods like cedar. Asphalt shingles, corrugated fiberglass and metal will be great for roofing. vinyl, aluminum or wood will make incredible sides, especially after considering factors like weather resistance and aesthetics. Sturdy weather-tight doors and windows will prevent moisture and air leaks. And lastly, opt for high quality nails, hinges, and screws to secure your shed’s structure and components.

Integrating all these options will ensure a sturdy, secure, shed for your usage. 

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Tip #5: Add Finishing Touches

And now, the final stage of building your backyard shed. This involves adding decorative elements unique to you to help your vision come to life. That could be in a lot of forms. For example:

  • You could paint or stain the wood to protect it and enhance the shed’s appearance.
  • Add a decorative trim and molding to conceal gaps and give it a polished look.
  • Shutters add this air of fashion, as well as charm and character to a room.
  • You could go traditional and plant some flowers or trees around your shed to integrate with the surrounding landscape.
  • Lighting can do wonders to the vibe of your shed and provide ambiance as well.

By adding these finishing touches, you can make your shed more you, and crown your efforts in making a shed suitable for the purpose you planned for it.

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